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Thanksgiving Writing Activity

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Children reflect on the significance of this holiday with this thoughtful writing prompt. Designed for a third, fourth, and fifth-grade literacy curriculum, this writing activity invites children to consider the personal aspect of a holiday celebrated by many. It lends well to pre-holiday classroom activity, as well as an at-home Thanksgiving Day prompt. Click here to download this activity. …


Strategies for Building Resilience in Parents

The Lastinger Center for Learning at the University of Florida in conjunction with Helios Education Foundation has developed a helpful resource for parents. This informative tip sheet was designed to help parents build resilience in themselves and others to help overcome trauma and hardship. The Center understands that overnight the challenges of parenting changed dramatically and it is important that parents prioritize their own well-being during stressful times with these simple tips. Click here to download this important resource. We are living through an uncertain, scary, and incredibly stressful time. During these times, there are steps you can take to build resilience to buffer the impact of trauma and stress. Resilience is the ability to overcome serious hardship. Developing resilience actually protects us from physiological and behavioral changes due to traumatic and chronic stress, and enables us to function in …


Welcome, Kelly Berman!

LAKE MARY, FL (October 05, 2020) — VirtuEd is pleased to welcome Kelly Berman to its expanding team. Kelly joins the team as the director of school accounts in Seminole County. As the director of school accounts, Kelly will build relationships with current and potential SCPS schools to create and build locally based Virtual Learning Communities. Additionally, Kelly will work with teachers and families for all of their tutoring needs. “We’re beyond excited to welcome Kelly to our growing team. Kelly brings an abundance of experience and knowledge of our local education system and community. As an educator and Seminole County resident, she recognizes and values the respective needs of parents, students and teachers alike,” said VirtuEd Co-Founder Melissa Falco. Kelly’s experience in education has inspired her to work in Seminole and Volusia County school districts. Before joining VirtuEd, Kelly …


Top 3 Most Important Benefits of Online Tutoring

Technology has provided an elevation in every aspect of life, and it’s use in education is no exception. Thanks to modern technology, tutoring outside the classroom has become streamlined, and easier to access than ever before. Online tutoring can be an engaging experience for both the student and the teacher. In fact, with the current pandemic, it has never been more important than it is right now. Technology has enabled us to adapt and provide our children with access to our local education systems in what we are coming to see is one of the most challenging times we’ve seen in recent history! Here are several benefits, as we see them, of providing our students with quality online tutoring. 1.    Increased Attention Among Students Parents, think about your experience in school for a moment. If you think back, you can probably …

Connecting local teachers and students for virtual tutoring

High quality education can make all the difference in people’s lives. It helps individuals escape poverty, earn a promotion, or find better paid jobs. But getting a university degree or a training certificate often costs a lot of money, and strict class schedules clash with work shifts, preventing people from enrolling in educational programs. …

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