Connecting local teachers and students for virtual tutoring

Connecting local teachers and students for virtual tutoring

Lake Mary, FL – June 15, 2020  — VirtuEd, LLC is proud to announce the availability of its new Virtual Learning Community (VLC) technology platform which makes it easy for local teachers and students to connect for online tutoring sessions. 

VirtuEd, LLC was born out of the need to support teachers and students struggling with the adjustment of social distancing and distance learning.  “It’s no secret that our teachers and students have been faced with a variety of unique challenges associated with this new normal, not the least of which is an interaction that is no longer face to face.  Our goal is to make it easy for teachers and students from the same school or school district to connect online as part of a virtual learning community for tutoring that is critical to the success of many students.”  Melissa Falco, Co-Founder VirtuEd.

VirtuEd’s VLC Technology Platform features:

  • The ability to connects teachers and students from the same school or school district
  • A family dashboard that houses session recordings and the students session history
  • Teacher bios and direct links to teacher calendars for simplified scheduling
  • Online payment processing
  • WebEx virtual classrooms w/ whiteboard

VirtuEd is rolling out its first VLC for Lake Mary’s Markham Woods Middle School students beginning June 2020. 

“Certified teachers know how to teach best.  When the tutor is your child’s teacher, the tutoring sessions will be more personal and differentiated to meet your student’s individual needs.  Parents and guardians won’t have to try to explain what their son/daughter is struggling with because the tutor will already know.”

Linda Mumey – MWMS Principal

For more information, please visit us at www.virtuedonline.com or call us at 833-718-0898.

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