Strategies for Building Resilience in Parents


Strategies for Building Resilience in Parents

The Lastinger Center for Learning at the University of Florida in conjunction with Helios Education Foundation has developed a helpful resource for parents. This informative tip sheet was designed to help parents build resilience in themselves and others to help overcome trauma and hardship. The Center understands that overnight the challenges of parenting changed dramatically and it is important that parents prioritize their own well-being during stressful times with these simple tips.

Click here to download this important resource.

We are living through an uncertain, scary, and incredibly stressful time. During these times, there are steps you can take to build resilience to buffer the impact of trauma and stress. Resilience is the ability to overcome serious hardship. Developing resilience actually protects us from physiological and behavioral changes due to traumatic and chronic stress, and enables us to function in a positive manner after adversity.

—Lastinger Center for Learning, University of Florida

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