Top 3 Most Important Benefits of Online Tutoring


Top 3 Most Important Benefits of Online Tutoring

Technology has provided an elevation in every aspect of life, and it’s use in education is no exception. Thanks to modern technology, tutoring outside the classroom has become streamlined, and easier to access than ever before. Online tutoring can be an engaging experience for both the student and the teacher. In fact, with the current pandemic, it has never been more important than it is right now. Technology has enabled us to adapt and provide our children with access to our local education systems in what we are coming to see is one of the most challenging times we’ve seen in recent history!

Here are several benefits, as we see them, of providing our students with quality online tutoring.

1.    Increased Attention Among Students

Parents, think about your experience in school for a moment. If you think back, you can probably attest that the times you were most attentive was when the teacher was speaking directly to you. They were able to get you involved in the topic in a way that kept you engaged for the entirety of the lesson. That same principle is what makes online tutoring a successful way of supplementing your student’s coursework.

While being in the classroom can be a great source of social interaction for students, it also has potential distractions that can negatively affect your student’s academic success. Social pressures and other disruptions can divert students’ attention away from their studies and can cause stress on their grades.

An online approach to learning can be significant compliment to in classroom learning and can help each student retain more of the information that they’re given and apply it towards a) their school work and b) their future.

2.    Online Tutoring Expands Community

If this global situation has shown our community anything, it’s that community has never been more important, and that applies to education as well.  A common misconception about virtual learning is that students are forced to learn on their own. That couldn’t be less true!

In an online tutoring lesson, students are uniquely guided through the respective topic. There are digital classrooms equipped with whiteboards that enable teachers to interact one-on-one with the student. In that moment, only that student’s understanding of the subject matter is the focus for that tutor.  In other words, it’s all about your student. Tutoring style is based on the unique needs of your student.

In this type of individualized environment, your student is likely to feel more confident in expressing themselves and explaining what they do not understand about a particular subject.  This focused attention results in your student‘s increased confidence in themselves will manifest in their daily interactions inside and outside of the classroom.

3.    Students Can Double-Down on Classwork

This is quite possibly the biggest benefit from tutoring that students stand to gain. When using a tutoring platform like VirtuEd, online lessons are often recorded and archived. Your students can review past lessons to brush up or refresh for upcoming exams and quizzes. Ask any student and they would likely tell you that there are times that they wished they had paid more attention during a lesson.

Having access to past lesson can help them improve their note-taking skills as well as study skills.  Imagine the ease of pressure it would provide if students knew that they had a dependable review source.  The fear of “missing it” the first time would be alleviated!

The Online Tutoring Company You Choose is as Important as Tutoring Itself

The benefits of tutoring are clear, but it is equally as important that you choose the right tutoring company, whether you elect in-person or online methods.  Some things to consider when choosing are:

  • Who are the tutors? Are they really certified teachers?  Do you know your students school and curriculum?
  • What kind of feedback will you receive and be able to provide?
  • Is the company really paying the teachers their worth? This has a direct effect on the quality of the teacher, and the lessons.
  • Is the company part of a large chain — or simply an online entity? Or, are they truly a community partner with real stakes in the education of your local community?


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