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I’ve been teaching math for almost 30 years — from Pre-algebra to Pre-calculus. My favorite subject to teach is Algebra with Middle School students. I believe every child can learn Math!
Spanish 1-3, AP
I love teaching the Spanish language. I was raised in a completely bilingual household in Central America, speaking Spanish to my Panamanian mother and English to my American father. I have now been teaching Spanish for over twelve years at the middle and high school levels and have witnessed the success of students who dedicate themselves to learning another language. Rather than emphasizing one aspect of language learning, I believe the key to success is a well-rounded learning experience including the modalities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I look forward to meeting you and helping you advance your Spanish language skills.
Hi! I’m Mrs. VallWatt. I have taught for 4 years in a variety of settings. I have taught from fourth grade through adult basic education. My youngest student so far was 8 years old, while my most seasoned was 87! My undergraduate degree is in elementary education and I hold a master’s degree in secondary mathematics education with a focus on curriculum and instruction.

My goal when teaching is primarily to help students love learning and feel confident - the math comes naturally after that. I meet students where they are and try to adapt my teaching/tutoring style to each student’s learning style. After every meeting, students should come away not just knowing the topic or concept, but really understanding it.

A favorite teaching quote of mine: “It is the duty of all teachers, but of teachers of mathematics, in particular, to expose their students to problems much more than to facts.” - Paul Halmos
Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Algebra 1-3, Geometry
I have taught many levels of science, but especially chemistry, for 15 years. I have tutored in many areas of math and science for about that long as well. My strength is in my presentation. Many students of mine have said that I explain complicated topics in a manner which they can understand. It is very satisfying to me when a student finally grasps a subject at which they previously did not experience success.
Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Precalculus , AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC
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