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While I have a love for all science, my favorite topic to teach students is chemistry, particularly about atoms, their structure, and the periodic table. In addition to science, I also love sports. I coached JV Girls’ Basketball at MKMS and have also coached travel softball at the middle school level.
Language Arts & Reading
Teaching started in my home. I understood the struggles that I had as a student and raising nine very different learners I was able to help them find out how they learn best so that they can fall in love with learning just as I did. I ran a daycare for over twenty years and at that age level kids learned best through play. My late husband who saw me teaching on a bigger platform pushed me to continue my education and after his passing, I decided to teach. My teaching style is to have fun while teaching so, that my students have fun while learning.
My experience teaching students with very different learning styles has allowed me to develop a unique teaching style that promotes acceptance of differences amongst my students. Math is a layered subject, meaning you have to know what comes before to understand what is happening now. From this understanding I developed the mantra; "take what you know, and apply it to what you don't know", this I believe is the essence of all learning.
Teaching is not just a career, but an opportunity to share my passions for the law and government with students. Civic engagement and civic education is an integral component of students' fundamental foundation in their educational career. I believe in teaching through experiences and the power of student voice. Through various technology programs and high yield instructional strategies, as a teacher, I can take complex information, break down the information, and find ways to apply concepts to real-world situations to become meaningful and relevant to all students.
Spanish 1
I love teaching the Spanish language. I was raised in a completely bilingual household in Central America, speaking Spanish to my Panamanian mother and English to my American father. I have now been teaching Spanish for over twelve years at the middle and high school levels and have witnessed the success of students who dedicate themselves to learning another language. Rather than emphasizing one aspect of language learning, I believe the key to success is a well-rounded learning experience including the modalities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I look forward to meeting you and helping you advance your Spanish language skills.
Language Arts, Reading
I have taught Intensive Reading, Intensive Language Arts, AVID, and Academic Intervention. I became a teacher because I knew I wanted to make a difference, and I felt like this would be the best way to do so. I believe I will be able to help students by using my skills in technology, patience, planning, understanding, and communication. I want to do all that I can to ensure students leave my classroom with new information which will be useful to them later in life. I truly believe in having a growth mindset!
I’ve been teaching math for almost 30 years — from Pre-algebra to Pre-calculus. My favorite subject to teach is Algebra with Middle School students. I believe every child can learn Math!
Language Arts & Math
A proud 2009 graduate of SC State University with a BS in Multidisciplinary Studies with the focuses on Math Education and Family Consumer Science. I began teaching Middle School Math in Orange County and since then my career has taken me internationally to Beijing, China. I taught grades 4-5 for three years at an American International School. I returned home excited to get back into the classroom. My teaching philosophy is to learn what type of learner's I have in the classroom by delivering the material in different ways. I like to create a fun and creative environment for learning.
Language Arts
I absolutely love teaching and have been an educator for 29 years, having taught English at the K-12 level and Educational Technology at the college level. I can't imagine a more rewarding field where you're given the opportunity to touch the future. I look forward to sharing that love with my students as we take this journey together. Along the way, I'm sure there's a lot that I'll be learning from them, too. I think that's one of the most wonderful things about being an educator; the learning and discovery never end.
Hi! I’m Mrs. VallWatt. I have taught for 4 years in a variety of settings. I have taught from fourth grade through adult basic education. My youngest student so far was 8 years old, while my most seasoned was 87! My undergraduate degree is in elementary education and I hold a master’s degree in secondary mathematics education with a focus on curriculum and instruction. My goal when teaching is primarily to help students love learning and feel confident - the math comes naturally after that. I meet students where they are and try to adapt my teaching/tutoring style to each student’s learning style. After every meeting, students should come away not just knowing the topic or concept, but really understanding it. A favorite teaching quote of mine: “It is the duty of all teachers, but of teachers of mathematics, in particular, to expose their students to problems much more than to facts.” - Paul Halmos
Math, Algebra 1
I have been in the education field for the past 6 years working with ESE students. In addition, I have worked with children in the medical field for the past 20 years. My teaching style is about connecting with the students on their level. I am a fun teacher who identifies what is keeping the student from grasping the finer points of the subject they are struggling with. I use my personal connection with the students to help them overcome academic obstacles. As a parent and an educator, I will encourage students to communicate and work to increase their success educationally and personally.

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